Seedling Trees

The conservation districts, in cooperation with the Colorado State Forest Service, offer the tree program to local landowners.  These trees can be used as wind breaks, erosion control, snow breaks, or any other use that can be beneficial to the landowner. 

Please contact the District office to learn more about the tree program and order your trees. 
 - Tree orders can be submitted starting November 1, 2021.
​ - Delivery will be between around the middle of May, 2022 (customers will be notified of specific day once truck schedules are made).

Seedling Tree
Seedling Trees

Our trees come from the Colorado State Forest Service Nursery. Click HERE to view the Seedling Nursery Inventory 

Click HERE to see the CO State Forest Service Buyer's Guide, or stop in the office to look at a copy and/or visit with NRCS for further recommendations. 

Chances are, you won't need your truck and trailer to pick up your seedlings! Click HERE to see just what size the containers actually are. 

Click HERE to view the Species Suitability Guide for Colorado. 

Click HERE to view the CO State Forest Service Nursery Planting Guide page. It contains How-To videos and other visuals on how to plant container seedlings and bare root seedlings.