Water Absorbing Crystals

Hydrosource CLP is gel-forming super-absorbant cross-linked polyacrylamide that gathers hundreds of times its weight in water and stores nutrients. Mixed with soil, it provides a reservoir of water and nutrients for your plants and lasts up to 20 years! This means you use less water and fertilizer and grow bigger, healthier and faster maturing plants.

Uses For adding to the roots of your seedling trees, lawns, gardens, potted plants and field crops. 

Important Grind Size Selection Note: For soil that contains a significant amount of clay and passes water slowly, we recommend our standard grind (2-4 mm) which makes gel chunks the size of your thumb. Standard grind is the best at retaining stored water because it makes the largest gel chunks that lose water from evaporation the slowest due to its relatively small surface area. However, Standard grind absorbs water the slowest, taking over an hour to come to full hydration.

For highly modified bedding and potting soils or sandy soils that pass water quickly, we recommend Medium grind (1-2 mm) which makes gel chunks the size of the end of your little finger - pea-gravel size. Medium grind absorbs water quickly, coming to full hydration in about ten minutes, able to catch water as it rapidly passes by.

We don't recommend using Fine grind (.3-1mm) which makes tiny gel chunks the size of a pinhead, and which give up their stored water through evaporation VERY quickly due to their relatively large surface area. Fine grind is also used for a variety of industrial and commercial applications which fall significantly outside the boundaries of agriculture/gardening.

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Cost: $6.00/lb